Want to manage things faster in your CRM? We’ve got you covered! This month, we’re not focusing on big features or design overhauls. Instead, we’re focusing entirely on improving your day-to-day workflow. Here are some of the most useful tweaks we’ve made to Salesflare

Easily (re)order the options

Do you have custom dropdowns or multi-select Chile Telegram Number List dropdowns in Salesflare and want to order the options in a different way?

Now, you can do this quickly by dragging and dropping the different options.

Filter your account timelines faster with

If you’re in an account timeline and want Last Review to filter out certain types of interactions or interactions with certain contacts, there’s a small filter icon in the top right corner. Until now, it was a bit complicated to filter through many options, but that’s not the case anymore: now you can switch with one click between selecting everything and nothing and vice versa.

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