Looking to learn more about how AI is used in CRM, which CRMs offer which AI features, and how well they work? As co-founder of Salesflare, building a CRM for more than a decade, I tested out 8 of the top CRMs that offer intelligence features firsthand. I’m happy to take you along for the ride.

The Current State of AI in CRM

With the rapid evolution of AI models, high expectations continue to build for AI to make new things possible across every type of software. This is no Belize WhatsApp Number List different for sales CRM software. As CRM vendors feel the need to react quickly to these new expectations, they often add AI features that sound good in marketing but don’t actually provide significant value to their customers. Some may argue it’s “lipstick on a pig,” and I think they’re right. Many of these AI features:

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Where True AI CRMs Are Headed

In essence, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Last Review Management. And that’s what CRM software does: it helps you track, build. Therefore, Manage customer relationships better at scale. If you have only a few customers or less than 10 leads in your pipeline, you maybe don’t need CRM software. Your brain and a simple system to stay organized will do. But as you scale, good CRM software can help you track your sales in a much better way. You’ll build better relationships, better manage your sales, and make more revenue.

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