It’s been a bit over a month since the latest big Salesflare update, yet here we are already with more goodies… and more to come soon! Essa mais nova atualização torna o rastreamento de seus leads de vendas mais fácil e confiável novamente, sem nenhum trabalho extra de sua parte. Here’s what’s new:

Get smart suggestions on which accounts to create


Salesflare has just started crunching your data to figure  Belize WhatsApp Number List out which accounts you forgot to add. It knows when you last emailed or met, how often you’ve interacted, whether the email address you’re in touch with represent a real person or not, … and then uses all that info to make smart suggestions.

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Filter contacts by date of last email or meeting

Deseja obter uma lista de todas as contas Last Review  para as quais sua equipe enviou e-mails recentemente? Ou saber com quais contas você teve (não teve) reuniões recentemente? Agora você pode filtrar isso com facilidade. Just hit the filter icon and look for “last email date” and “last meeting date”.

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