If you tell an old-school salesperson that you are doing or planning to do remote sales, they will probably think you are not making sense. “Seriously? You’re saying you want to sell to people without seeing them in person? That’s not going to work right. You’re wasting your time.”

What is remote selling?

Remote sales are sales where you, the salesperson, and your prospect are never in the same location throughout the sales process.

It’s certainly possible that a large part of your processo de vendas will Chile Telegram Number List be remote and that you’ll meet with your customer once or a few times throughout the process.

What are the advantages and difficulties

Agora, quais são os prós e os  Last Review contras das vendas remotas?

Let’s explore these and then discuss how to deal with them in the next section.

The biggest struggle, and the reason most old-school sales reps believe you will fail, is:v


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