No matter how you say its name, Atlanta-based email marketing and marketing automation platform Mailchimp was founded in 2001 and has seen incredible growth over the years.  While the company is best known for its clever and quirky advertising campaigns, it is also a great tool for anyone trying to implement email marketing into their business.

Learn how to use the different sections

You’ll notice that there are five different tabs in Chile Telegram Number List  the top left corner of the screen: Campaigns, Templates, Lists, Reports, and Content Studio.

Campanhas are the actual emails, landing pages, etc. that you publish and send to your customers as part of your marketing por e-mail . We’ll discuss these in detail in step four.

Modelos é a seção em. Que você pode criar o. Design and content for. Your campaigns – more on that in step three.

 Create your lists and set up

Once you sign up, Mailchimp .Will walk you through Last Review  setting up. Everything for. Your account, like your website, connecting. Social media accounts, etc. You can even connect .Your online store to. Mailchimp if you’re an e-commerce business. 🛍. But after all the administrative work, it’s time to roll. Up your sleeves and get to work.

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