Como superar as objeções de vendas Um blog convidado de Julie Thomas, CEO da ValueSelling Associates “No” is a dreaded word in sales. It’s the last thing most salespeople want to hear when they’re trying to hit a quota, close a deal before the end of the quarter, or collect their bonus. Did you know that in many cases, a “no” means “not yet”? While you may think of

Como superar as objeções de vendas

address the objection and move the sales process forward. Chile Telegram Number List If you’re not aware of the objection, you’ll likely lose the deal.

Let’s take a look at the most common types of sales objections and offer five specific steps to overcome them.

3 tipos comuns de objeções de vendas

Its price is very high. We are doing well Last Review with our current solution. I am already in a contract with another company.

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