Improved Entity Links and Invitations

While our goal at Salesflare is to make your CRM as easy to use and automated as possible so that you actually use it, we also don’t want to compromise on its power. That’s why you can also dig deeper and customize your fields, configure your pipelines, set permissions, and more. And starting today, you can also create any custom link you have in mind

Track any relationship

Do you want to indicate the primary account for an account? Or the primary Belize WhatsApp Number List  contact for an opportunity? Now you can easily create and track any type of relationship.  With 6 new custom field types, you can now link your contacts, accounts, and opportunities to any contact, account, or user.

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Convide colegas de equipe com mais facilidade

If you’re sending teammates  Last Review an invite to Salesflare, they don’t always immediately click the link to join your team. Some people sign up through the website without going through the email or invite link… and create a separate team account. To fix this, Salesflare now recognizes the pending invite on the email address and adds you to your team anyway.



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