If you’re looking for how to get yourself invited as a guest on podcasts (and nail your guest appearance), you’ve come to the right place. After spending 1 year of outreach getting our CEO, Jeroen, on over 200 podcasts, I’ve compiled a list of the best tips & tricks.

Why it’s valuable to get on podcasts

I’ll start off by prefacing that the benefits of getting featured Chile Telegram Number List on podcasts are long term rather than short term. If you’re going into podcasting expecting to quickly boost your sales, think again. Most people who have tried this have been disappointed.

Como abordar os podcasts

While some podcasts may have forms directly Last Review on their site, we’ve found that emailing them directly works better. It puts you. In contact with a real. Person you can engage.With more than. One form and, in most cases, sort of pre-approves you before filling out the

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