If you’re selling B2B, the main reason most businesses need a CRM is to better track their sales leads . If this is also the case for you, you better make sure you implement a good CRM de vendas . Os benefícios podem ser enormes : even a small sales team (3 people) I spoke to recently reported making $1 million more per year in sales ( ) after implementing their sales CRM. However, with all the different sales CRM systems out there, it can be difficult to figure out exactly what you need to increase your success rate and productivity. So, I’ll cover that for you first and give you a list of useful features to look out for.

Key Features of Sales CRM Software

Here are 10 key features a sales CRM software platform can offer to help you better track your leads: Visualize seus leads em vários pipelines de arrastar e Belize WhatsApp Number List soltar Send automated email sequences until leads respond Automatically enrich leads from publicly available information and email signatures Track the origin (and reason for loss) of your leads and analyze them Get automatically reminded to follow up when leads go inactiv

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Sales CRM Software Ranking:

If you are looking for a good CRM software to manage your sales leads , the Last Review above set of features can significantly increase your success rate and productivity. To compile this ranking, I looked at a list of about 800 potential CRMs to shortlist. I then tested each of the 8 selected sales CRMs first-hand and researched which ones offer which features, which I’ve detailed for you below.

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