Want to start creating sales dashboards but don’t know where to start?  We’ve broken down a relatively comprehensive set of sales KPIs/metrics into 7 separate sales dashboards . Each dashboard comes with sample reports and more details on why they’re important. For those of you who are using Salesflare or are planning to use it, we will detail which reports are built-in and which can be custom built .

What is the scope of each sales dashboard?

A geração de leads preenche nosso pipeline de vendas. Atividade de Belize WhatsApp Number List vendas empurra seus leads através dele. At the end of the pipeline, you close them. Measure the length of your sales cycle to understand your velocity. Forecast your revenue from the pipeline to forecast your revenue. Then measure your sales revenue (which could be recurring revenue).

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Lead Generation Dashboard

Counting the number of new leads you’re generating is a Last Review great way to measure your contribution and stay motivated. If you’d also like to know what those new leads represent in terms of total value generated (and how that evolves over time), this report will come in handy.

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