With all the different CRM possibilities out there however, it can be hard to figure out what to expect from such an integrated Outlook-CRM setup… so first, I’ll tackle that for you and give you a list of useful features to look out for. After this, I’ll use this same feature list as well as authentic review scores from two leading sites to compare 7 different top CRMs that directly integrate with Outlook and the other Microsoft Office 365 products.

Key Features of an Outlook CRM

Update and use your CRM in your Outlook inbox Real-time synchronization of your Outlook calendar, e-mails and Microsoft Office 365 meetings with CRM Belize WhatsApp Number List Automatically create contacts for people you’re emailing or meeting with Automatically enrich your contact database by synchronizing your contacts’ email signatures

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Ranking Outlook Integrated CRMs

If you’re looking for a CRM that integrates well with your Outlook and Microsoft Office 365 environment, the above feature set can significantly boost your productivity. To compile this ranking, I went through a list of around 800 possible CRMs to make a pre-selection. Then I tested each one of the 7 below Outlook CRM first hand and researched which of them offer which features and detailed this for you below.

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